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Review of the workers compensation system

12 Feb 2019

The NSW Legislative Council published the below article regarding the latest report reviewing the workers compensation scheme.

The Standing Committee on Law and Justice in the NSW Legislative Council has released its latest report reviewing the workers compensation scheme. The review focused on the feasibility of establishing a consolidated personal injury tribunal to resolve workers compensation and CTP insurance scheme disputes, which was a proposal the committee put forward in its 2017 report in response to stakeholders’ views about the bifurcated nature of the dispute resolution system.

Committee Chair, the Hon Natalie Ward MLC, said ‘A single jurisdiction to resolve both workers compensation and CTP disputes will reduce complexities, create efficiencies, and provide certainty and streamlining of processes and decisions for claimants’. The committee recommended that the Workers Compensation Commission be given expanded jurisdiction to take on this role, while retaining two clear streams of expertise.

The committee also agreed that it was important for any new tribunal, if established, to be independent, transparent, have a judicial head, and provide access to legal advice and representation for claimants. The committee acknowledged that the Workers Compensation Commission already met many of these objectives.

The Chair continued, ‘This type of reform will help injured workers and injured road users to navigate the dispute resolution pathways associated with each scheme, allowing them to focus on their personal recovery’.

The committee’s report makes five recommendations to the NSW Government. The report and other inquiry documents can be found on the committee’s webpage: