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Workers Compensation Commission launches new-look website

10 Apr 2019

The Workers Compensation Commission (the Commission) has launched a new website designed to help injured workers, employers, insurers, lawyers and health professionals get the information they need when involved in a workers compensation dispute.

The new-look website is easy to navigate and incorporates information from the Commission’s previous online platform, as well as new and updated content.

The website coincides with the implementation of the NSW Government’s improved workers compensation dispute resolution system.

A key change for the system is the clear positioning of the Commission as the central body for resolving workers compensation disputes. For example, disputes about work capacity decisions made by the insurer on or after 1 January 2019 are now resolved by the Commission.

The Commission’s  President Judge Gerard Phillips said, “With the Commission now playing a crucial role in dispute resolution, it is important for the public and stakeholders to have instant access to up to date information via a modern digital platform in multiple languages.”

The new website is a ‘one stop shop’ for everyone involved in a workers compensation dispute - from first timers (injured workers and employers) to regular stakeholders (lawyers and insurers).

“The simple layout makes it easier for lawyers to locate forms, publications and legal resources for both them and their clients,” said Judge Phillips.

The Commission works to resolve a range of workers compensation disputes including entitlements to weekly payments for loss of wages, medical expenses and lump sum compensation for permanent impairment.