How the process works

The process for resolving your dispute depends on the type of claim that is in dispute.


Most disputes regarding liability for payment of compensation are referred to an Arbitrator. Disputes for weekly benefits compensation less than 12 weeks, past medical expenses up to $9,250.50 or about work capacity decisions only may be referred to a delegate of the Registrar under the expedited assessment provisions.


​The Registrar may refer claims for lump sum compensation, where the only issue in dispute is the degree of permanent impairment, directly to an Approved Medical Specialist for medical assessment.


If your dispute is referred to an Arbitrator, it will involve a Teleconference and if does not settle, may involve a Conciliation-Conference / Arbitration-hearing.


Arbitrators are trained to conduct Commission proceedings in a way that is fair to all parties. At every stage of the process, Arbitrators encourage and assist parties to resolve their dispute. However if parties fail to resolve their dispute, the Arbitrator will determine the dispute.


If you would like more information, please download our guideline Guidelines.

Parties are encouraged to settle their dispute at any time during the process.