Online Lodgement

eScreens is an online service where you can lodge a range of forms and upload supporting documents at your convenience.
Currently, Form 2 and Form 2A can be saved and completed later using the ‘Save Draft’ function. A temporary reference number and password will be sent to your designated email address. Use this information to retrieve the draft form.
Getting started:
·         eScreens is only supported on IE8 and above.
·         File size must not exceed 10MB. Refer to <<E-lodgement Policy>> for file types accepted by the Commission.
To lodge your form online follow these 5 steps:
Step 1:  Gather information and documents needed for your form (e.g. compliance documentation).
Step 2:  Complete the online form. Please note that eScreens will time out after 20 minutes of being idle.
Step 3:  If required, save your form (Form 2 and 2A only).
Step 4:  Review your form for accuracy before submitting. 
Step 5:  Once submitted, you will receive a temporary reference number and can print a pdf copy of the form.
Please note:
·         Form lodgement time frame is subjected to WCC business hours.
·         If a draft form is not accessed within 14 calendar days from the last date saved, it will be automatically removed from the system.

Complete a new form
Please select one of the following form types:
Form 2           Application to Resolve a Dispute
Form 2C         Application to Admit Late Document
Form 4           Certificate of Service
Form 8           Direction for Production
Form 8B         Summons to Attend
Form 18         Wages Schedule