Judicial Review Decisions


Judicial Review (decisions of Registrar, Approved Medical Specialists and Medical Appeal Panels)


Appeals from decisions of the Registrar, Approved Medical Specialists and Medical Appeal Panels in relation to medical assessments and Appeals Against a Medical Assessment Certificate, are heard in the Supreme Court.






On Review - Summary of Judicial Review Decisions

On Review is prepared by the Legal and Medical Services Branch of the Workers Compensation Commission for the benefit of its members and staff, Approved Medical Specialists and the legal profession.

It provides a summary of all decisions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in relation to judicial review applications against decisions of the Registrar, Approved Medical Specialists and/or Appeal Panels.

On Review consists of two publications. The first document contains a list of all decisions and case summaries by chronological order. The second document contains the same resources, but grouped by subject matter. Each document contains a hyperlink to the decision and a hyperlink to a summary of the decision.

The case summaries provide an overview and introduction to each decision. They are not intended to substitute for reading the decisions in full, nor are they a substitute for independent research in relation to a particular issue or area of the law.
The list of decisions includes judicial review applications that were finalised by settlement, discontinuance or strike out.​​​​​​​​​​​




Judicial Review Decisions


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